SnareWatch is an information-sharing and reporting facility about snaring in the UK.

Found a snare?

If there is a live animal in the snare call the relevant animal welfare charity. We do not advise trying to release an animal yourself as the animal could be injured and require medical attention.


Scottish SPCA
Animal Helpline 03000 999 999

England and Wales

Cruelty line 0300 1234 999

Northern Ireland

Animal Information Line 028 3025 1000, caller ID required

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Snaring reports

Snares found near badger run in Wiltshire

A dog walker found snares which were set near a badger run in Amesbury, Wiltshire.

He stated:  “I spotted a set snare next to farm land fence. Then walking further another snare was set on what I believe is a badger run going into a wood line.

“They were both staked into the ground and hadn’t trapped any animals at this time.”

The snares were set close to popular walking and bridle paths.

Type of snare



Amesbury, Wiltshire


April 2017


Latest snare reports

Concerns raised after discovery of ‘cruel’ animal snares in Tayside

Concerns were raised by wildlife experts over the discovery of “barbaric” snares in Tayside woodlands.


Scottish SPCA issued appeal after fox caught in snare

Animal welfare officers called on the public to contact them if they think a snare has been set illegally after a fox in Midlothian had a lucky escape.


Two badgers killed by snares in Warwickshire

Wildlife crime officers were investigating after two badgers were illegally killed by snares in Broadwell, Warwickshire.