SnareWatch is an information-sharing and reporting facility about snaring in the UK.

Found a snare?

If there is a live animal in the snare call the relevant animal welfare charity. We do not advise trying to release an animal yourself as the animal could be injured and require medical attention.


Scottish SPCA
Animal Helpline 03000 999 999

England and Wales

Cruelty line 0300 1234 999

Northern Ireland

Animal Information Line 028 3025 1000, caller ID required

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Snaring reports

Two badgers killed by snares in Warwickshire

Wildlife crime officers were investigating after two badgers were illegally killed by snares in Broadwell, Warwickshire.

One badger had a snare around its neck and the other had a snare around its leg and chest when they were found on March 29 2017.

It was reported to the Badger Trust who subsequently reported the matter to police. “Whilst enquiries continue, officers are reminding the public that it is an offence under Section 1(1) of the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 to wilfully kill, injure or take a badger, or attempt to do so,” a police spokesman said.

Type of snare



Broadwell, Warwickshire


March 2017

(Source - Rugby Advertiser)

Latest snare reports

Badger suffered an “indiscriminate and cruel” death in snare in Wales

RSPCA Cymru called for snares to be made illegal in Wales after a badger suffered an “indiscriminate and cruel” death.


‘Snaring’ signs found in hare habitat in Cambridgeshire

A resident of Barway in Cambridgeshire was concerned to find a sign warning of snaring in operation on land she believed was habited by hares.


Cat loses leg after being snared in Pontefract

A cat owner described how her cat returned home with a snare attached to her leg.