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Found a snare?

If there is a live animal in the snare call the relevant animal welfare charity. We do not advise trying to release an animal yourself as the animal could be injured and require medical attention.


Scottish SPCA
Animal Helpline 03000 999 999

England and Wales

Cruelty line 0300 1234 999

Northern Ireland

Animal Information Line 028 3025 1000, caller ID required

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Snaring reports

Badger suffered an “indiscriminate and cruel” death in snare in Wales

RSPCA Cymru called for snares to be made illegal in Wales after a badger suffered an “indiscriminate and cruel” death.

The animal welfare charity tended to the badger after it was found with a snare wrapped tightly around its body in woodlands at Llanhamlach, near Brecon, Powys.

Its injuries - including a damaged neck - were found to be so bad that it was put to sleep on veterinary advice.

Other snares were also found in the area, including ones set on what appeared to be an animal path.

RSPCA inspector Selina Chan said: “We cannot be sure the badger was the intended target as other snares were found on a neighbouring path.

“It could be assumed this animal was not the target for the snare, which only further highlights how indiscriminate and cruel these devices are.”

Insp Chan added: “This snare would have caused this poor badger slow and agonising pain, and RSPCA Cymru will continue to campaign against the use of snares in Wales.”

Type of snare

Wire, legal


Llanhamlach, near Brecon, Powys


June 2017

Photographic evidence

snared badger

snared badger


(Source - Daily Post)

Latest snare reports

Cat caught in illegal snare in Ceres, Fife

The Scottish SPCA were contacted when a cat (Chubbs) returned home with a wire wrapped round his neck.


Cat caught in illegal snare in Fife

The Scottish SPCA were contacted when a cat (Chubbs) returned home with a wire wrapped round his neck.


Border collie snared in Teesdale

A border collie was caught round the neck by a snare while walking with his owner on a public footpath on the Greta trail in Teesdale.