SnareWatch is an information-sharing and reporting facility about snaring in the UK.

Found a snare?

If there is a live animal in the snare call the relevant animal welfare charity. We do not advise trying to release an animal yourself as the animal could be injured and require medical attention.


Scottish SPCA
Animal Helpline 03000 999 999

England and Wales

Cruelty line 0300 1234 999

Northern Ireland

Animal Information Line 028 3025 1000, caller ID required

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Snaring reports

Dog and owner caught in snares set in nature reserve in Dover

A dog owner and her pet were both snared while walking through the Whinless Down nature reserve in Dover.

She stated:

“I was walking my springer spaniel in the woods. She was following scent trails off the well-walked areas. I heard her screaming and saw her thrashing around. A thin, rusty wire snare like a slip knot was closed tightly on her leg.

“I managed to free her by cutting through the wire. She was frightened and slightly cut and bruised but hadn't been seriously injured.

“As I walked away from the area I felt something pulling against my foot and saw another snare tightening around my shoe. When I looked closely at the leaf litter on the ground I found a kind of mesh-work of snares joined together.

“The area containing the snares was in a rough, overgrown part of the wood so wildlife and adventurous, inquisitive dogs like mine would be most at risk of being caught.”

Type of snare



Whinless Down nature reserve, Dover


July 2017

Latest snare reports

Jack Russell snared in Littleborough, Manchester

A Jack Russell was caught in a snare near public footpaths in Littleborough, Manchester.


Dead fox found hanging outside a house in Sheerness 'like a crucifix'

A dead fox was found hanging outside a Sheerness home 'like a crucifix' after it was thought to have been killed in a snare trap.


Numerous illegal snares set in Stirlingshire

At the end of July, a member of the public found a number of wire snares set up around different rabbit holes, tied to trees and rocks in a forest close to Balfron, Stirlingshire. The snares had no stops and some of them could be dragged.