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Snaring reports

Spate of badger trapping in West Cumbria

The RSPCA says in the last two months its inspectors and police have come across 10 snared badger cases in West Cumbria.

The latest was found by Sue and Stephen Wood near Brigham.

The animal was caught in a wire snare attached to a fence in an area known to be used by badgers.

RSPCA inspector Martyn Fletcher said: "Ten incidents is an unprecedented number and we don’t think this is coincidence.

“Most of the snares were set on fence lines and were placed on obvious badger runs, which suggests this particular animal is being deliberately targeted.

“We’re getting very credible intelligence that these badgers are being caught so that people can set dogs on them for ‘fun’.

"Our intelligence suggests that the snares are being set locally by people who also travel to other parts of the country to kill badgers.

"This is the eighth snared badger case the RSPCA has come across in West Cumbria within just two months, with an additional two dealt with by the Cumbria police."

Mr Fletcher was called to transport the injured creature to the charity’s Stapeley Grange wildlife centre where the badger recovered before being released safely back into the wild near her sett on July 6.

PC Sarah Rolland, Cumbria Constabulary's wildlife officer, said: "It is suspicious that so many badgers are being caught in snares, and we cannot rule out a link to organised wildlife crime.

"We would urge anyone using or setting snares, to do so legally in accordance with the laws.

"It is illegal to set snares for badgers. We will work closely with the RSPCA to prosecute anyone committing any criminal offences with regards to badgers or any other animals.

"Members of the public are urged to ring the police or RSPCA if they suspect any offences involving the illegal use of snares, animal cruelty or any other wildlife crime."

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West Cumbria


July 2017

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